Introduction: Amanina Store website, owned by Amanina Investment Company Ltd., which is registered in the General Registrar of Companies in Sudan Dear guest, our wishes welcome you, and inform you that during your visit to the site, you guarantee your acceptance of the following terms and conditions, whether you are a consumer, a merchant or otherwise. If you do not agree to them, you may not use the Site. Note that the site reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove parts of the terms of use and conditions at any time. Changes become effective when they are posted on the Site without notice. Please review the Terms of Use and Conditions regularly to keep up to date with all updates. Your continued use of the Site constitutes your full acceptance of all changes to the Terms of Use and Conditions. Introduction and tariffs: The above preamble is an integral part of this agreement, as you will find below the indications and definitions of the main terms used in this agreement: (Amanina Store website owned by Amanina Investment Company Ltd.) This term means Amanina Investment Company Ltd., and this definition includes all forms of Amanina Investment Company Ltd. on the Internet, whether it is an electronic application or a website on the World Wide Web. (Merchant) means every merchant who registers in the Amania Store to create his online store, whether he is a natural or legal person, and this definition includes all aspects of the store as long as he does his trade through the Amania Store, and this includes the merchant’s website. (Store) means the store used by the merchant in the Amanina Store. (Consumer) By this term, he means every consumer who purchases the product or service from the merchant, through the merchant’s online store, which he established through Amani Store. (Agreement) by this phrase means the rules, terms and conditions of use of Amania Store, that is, all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, which govern and regulate the relationship between the parties to this Agreement. (Service Provider) This term means the services that Amania Store provides to merchants through third parties, and the provision of services is meant, i.e. just providing a link between the merchant and the service provider, as there is no authority and no relationship between Amania Store with the agreement concluded between the merchant and the service provider. Determining the merchant’s legal eligibility: The merchant acknowledges that he has a legal capacity considered legally and legally, and that his age is not less than eighteen years, as is considered in the laws and regulations in force in Sudan, and that he has sufficient knowledge to establish, establish and manage his online store through Amania Store. As an exception to what was stated in the first item (1) of determining the legal capacity of the merchant, the merchant may engage in trade if he is less than the age of majority considered in Sudan (eighteen years), as he is obligated to provide evidence of his guardian’s approval of the establishment of the online store, Such as proof of guardianship, and an affidavit of consent signed by his legal guardian, if necessary. The merchant declares that he is of sound capacity and that he is not affected by any of the symptoms of eligibility. In the event that the merchant registers as an institution or company, or any other legal form, this institution, company, or the legal form registered through it must have the legal capacity, legality and legitimacy necessary to carry out trade business through Amania Store. The merchant agrees that in the event of a violation of this article “the merchant’s legal capacity,” he shall bear the consequences of this violation before consumers, users or others, as Amanina Store has nothing to do with the merchant’s dealings with the consumer or third party in terms of legal, regular and legal terms, and Amanina Store has the right to: In this case, the merchant will be held accountable under the provisions of contractual liability, and demanded for compensation for damages that may arise as a result of this violation, and such damages affect Amanina Store's reputation in front of other merchants, consumers, users or others.